Short Courses

All short courses take place on Sunday, July 29.

**Please note: all short courses require a separate fee, which can be paid when you register.

Short Course 1 | Natural and Nature-Based Features for Coastal Resilience

Through a series of lectures and presentations followed by an interactive exercise, this short course will allow participants to learn about applications of natural and nature-based features (NNBF), the role of coastal science and engineering in flood risk management, as well as technical gaps to be filled in these fields. Innovative, large-scale engineering projects, such as those on the landscape level and pilot programs that have successfully incorporated NNBF designs internationally will be presented. Participants will also learn about comprehensive benefit analysis, the advantages of community and stakeholder engagement, and the future of NNBF.


Member | EB: $295 | ADV: $345 | ONS: $395
Non-Member | EB: $395 | ADV: $445 | ONS: $495

Short Course 2 | Design of Coastal Damage Mitigation and Adaptation Alternatives for Rising Seas: Lessons Learned by Coastal Engineers

How are coastal engineers planning and designing today for an unknown future range of sea level rise scenarios? How are the frequency and magnitude of future coastal storms affected? Anthropogenic impacts on climate change are debatable but the potential for accelerated sea level rise is not. A team of eight well known coastal engineers and scientists from academia, the Corps of Engineers, and the consulting engineering profession will present how their work and experience relates to these topics.


Member | EB: $295 | ADV: $345 | ONS: $395
Non-Member | EB: $395 | ADV: $445 | ONS: $495

Short Course 3 | Marina Design

In this short course, participants will learn about new guidelines for the design of small craft harbors from the three primary authors of the ASCE Manual 50 Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors. Through case studies and interactive workshops, participants will learn how a fusion of technical/economic/creative planning can optimize harbor design and economic development goals. Attendees will also come away with an understanding of how civil engineers can play a leadership role in integrating the built and natural environments for marina projects.


Member w/o book* | EB: $295 | ADV: $345 | ONS: $395
Member w/book | EB: $345 | ADV: $395 | ONS:: $445
Non-Member w/o book | EB: $395 | ADV: $445 | ONS:: $495
Non-Member w/book | EB: $445 | ADV: $495 | ONS:: $545

* Book refers to ASCE Manual 50: Planning and Design Guidelines for Small Craft Harbors

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